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“In order to regain the spirit of the Gospels and the liturgical celebrations of the first Christians, Vatican II urged the conscious and active participation of the laity in the Eucharist. Rescinding the prohibition against vernacular languages in the Roman rite, increasing the number and content of biblical readings, reestablishing old customs such as Communion in the hand and of both kinds, permitting the laity to act as deacons, lectors, psalmists, and ministers of the Eucharist, Vatican II sought an aggiornamento, a renewal or updating of the institutes and practice of the Church. And it accomplished its goal as no council had since Trent.”

Ron Hansen from Eucharist

Would you be willing to share your talents with your parish?  St. Peter Parish is always looking for more ministers to assist at Mass. This is an important way to serve the Parish. We all take the weekend Mass for granted but it takes people willing to help.  Would you consider volunteering?

We especially need Readers, Singers and Eucharistic Ministers.  We will give you the training that you need to carry out your ministry. We can accommodate your schedule.

Following is a brief description of the Liturgical Ministries.

Altar Server

Altar servers assist the Priest and Ministers of the Eucharist at Mass. The Parish would welcome parishioners of any age to consider this ministry.


Lectors proclaim the Word of God to the assembly. This is one of the most important tasks at Mass.

Song Leader/Cantor

Cantors lead the assembly in song. As Fr. Robert Duggan says, “Cantors help the entire assembly find its voice in singing at the Eucharist.”

Choir Members

We always have room for more choir members. “Even as music evokes the presence and power of God through its beauty, the active singing of God’s people makes them sharers in the mission of Christ to serve and to witness.” – J. Michael McMahon


Greeters would be stationed at the doors before and after Mass. They would welcome the assembly to Mass and hand out bulletins to people as the leave church.


Ushers pass the basket at Mass and are frequently called on to bring the assembly’s gifts forward to the Sanctuary.

“When people come together to worship, they come as God knows them, with their differences, their wildly various experiences and perspectives. And by some miracle, they sing, and listen, and pray as one.”   (Kathleen Norris)

Eucharistic Minister

Eucharist Ministers help to distribute Communion at Mass. They may also bring Communion to shut-ins.

Offertory Gift Bearers

As the Eucharist Prayer begins, the ushers pass the basket and collect the gifts from the assembly. We would like to find a number of people at each Mass willing to bring the gifts of the assembly to the Sanctuary.

Assist At Funerals

Funeral Ministers assist the Priest at Funerals. They perform the Altar Server tasks, and sometimes proclaim the Word of God.

For more information you can contact: Fr. Tom at 775-1994.  Joe Eno schedules the Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers.  You can contact him at 773-3111 (days), 773-3665 (evenings).